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We Are Living In The Most Pivotal Times In History

The Great Earth Changes Are Upon US.

These Are The Times That Have Been Spoken Of From many Generations Past

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

The Earth And Everyone On It Is Changing

Humanity Is A Species With Amnesia. 

The Time Has Come For Humanity To Know Its True History And Reclaim It's Birthright!

We Have Been Fed Self Limiting Thoughts And Divided On Purpose In Order To Keep Us In This Matrix Control System We Find Ourselves Within!

Now Is The Time To Reclaim Our Lost Knowledge!

Now Is The Time To Reclaim Our Unity In True Brother & Sisterhood!

Now Is The Time To Reclaim Our Power And Destiny!

No More Division.

No More War Without End

No More Manipulation

We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Physical Experience

We Have The Power To Heal Ourselves And Heal The Planet

We Will Do This By Exposing The Knowledge That The Few Have Withheld From The Many

Coming Together as a New Unified Tribe

Realizing The Oneness Behind All Things

And By Lifting Each Other Up In Compassion, Non-Judgement, and Love. 





Don't Just Survive, Thrive! 

You don't have to accept chronic aches, pains, and debilitating conditions. You can heal and let it go at any stage in life. I have had clients with lifelong migraines finally be free of them. People in their 70's with intense debilitating arthritis and muscle aches feel 20 years younger. People with anxiety and panic attacks suffer from them no more. Stop just surviving and start to thrive! 

We Operate On A Donation Basis Now Through Ko-Fi-Pay Pal-Patreon. This Way All Can Receive The Help They Need! We Are Here To Change The System & The World In A Positive Way! God Bless & Namaste


    Cindy read my Vedic Chart and worked on my Chakra's.  I was intrigued, as Im familiar with Western Astrology, but was not Vedic.  Her reading was SPOT ON! Now knowing what Eastern Star was on the horizon, and understanding different signs which truly reflect aspects of my personality and life, brought me the clarity I've needed.  Things make so much more sense now!  

     She also used the tuning fork on each of my Chakras- and I literally could FEEL which Chakra she was working on.  Some, like my root and sacral- I felt a pulling sensation, as if blockages were being pulled and lifted right out of my body and energy field.  My heart chakra, there was small physical pain there, I felt and then it released and the crown, felt a wonderful tingling.  Im describing this so others will know how/what they may feel when she does energy work on you. I didn't realize how much I was holding on to and am so grateful and glad I scheduled with her. I'm definitely going to be doing a follow-up!   She is such a sweet Spirit with beautiful gifts!! I HIGHLY recommend a chart reading and her energy work to anyone- regardless of what stage of your journey you are on.  🕉



Karen *Energies1111*


Mike had the audacity to move, and I thought my healing journey would suffer a setback. But we've been doing distance work, and last week I was tingling and bubbling all over. While I was expecting less of an effect with distance, just the opposite happened. I am so grateful! He's helping me learn to heal myself!

Molly Helt

Working with Michael has truly changed my life. Adding Michael's reiki & massage work to my healing path has been a huge part of my physical, emotional and spiritual transformation over the last year. I came to him with a bundle of issues, overwhelming and complicated. He has helped to clear long-held emotional issues, heightened my empathic abilities, supported & improved my chronic health issues, and resolved back pain that in 14 years nobody else had solved. His deeply caring and strongly intuitive nature are an essential part of his treatments. You will not find better than this true healer!  Wendy Kaiser

Special thank you to my dear friend, Mike. I'm still buzzing from the beautiful light and energy he shared with me. He is a gift and treasure for this world. Thank you for your healing. You bring hope and love to us all. 

 Janie Bryan Simpson

Today, I had my first session with Michael. It was one of the most phenomenal energy sessions that I've ever had! He is an incredibly loving person and a truly gifted practitioner. Can't thank you enough, Mike! I feel FANTASTIC! I look forward to seeing you again.

Angela Saul

Michael saved my thyroid. I had never seen an energy worker prior to the fall of 2016. I am a cancer survivor that has struggled for the past few years as a result of having my thyroid radiated during treatments. Over the 2016 Christmas holiday my thyroid visibly swelled and was causing me trouble swallowing. My doctor and ENT surgeon said it was time for it to come out. I got my head into the game, saw Michael twice a week and 6 weeks later I no longer have a visible thyroid or difficulty swallowing. Having my thyroid out is not an option at this point. Energy is healing my body, it is amazing! 

Mindy Patrick

Dr Rena Salyer


I wanted to give a review on the distance healing offered by these wonderful people. Before you scoff, trust me, I am no snowflake wu-wu type...I’m a pragmatic Army vet and medical doctor (as in licensed, board certified and currently practicing) and this is NOT a Miss Cleo advertisement. Cindy did a very insightful Vedic chart for me and I was amazed at how many things she was spot on about. No sweeping generalizations, verifiable specific statements with a clear correlation were presented. Cindy then walked me through some options for a healing. I selected the tuning fork session and her description allowed me to visualize exactly what she described. I didn’t have a specific issue but I felt generally better at the conclusion. I was so intrigued that I tried another session recently with both of them, again using the tuning fork. This session began with me having a Pretty bad headache and tightness in lower chest/upper abdomen. I could literally feel tingling in my feet and then my hands. Before long my cat made her way to lay next me. Cindy mentioned a blockage in my solar plexus that I could quite literally feel go away. I was so amazed at this it took a few moments to realize my headache had gone away. Wow I’m not at all sure how this is possible, but I’m reading and trying to learn because it’s amazing. I’m also at this very moment about to schedule another session and get one for a family member as well. I would whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone contemplating it.

My family was going through a very intense and difficult situation that had made me personally feel very unbalanced and spiritually broken. 


During one of Mike and Cindy's video's they mentioned that they were offering vedic chart readings to help with guidance and insight. I typically don't reach out, but I felt inclined as I knew I was feeling emotionally stuck and needed help from a non-medical standpoint. 


They were both so sincere and compassionate with helping me and my family. I have since my reading and healing session felt much less "staticy" and unbalanced. I still have a lot of work to do, but they helped me refocus and relax a bit. 


I have since felt more in control of my situation and look at it from a different point of view. I'm taking the steps necessary to give my family a fighting chance. I owe a lot of this positive change to Mike and Cindy as when everything in my personal world or globally seems to be chaotic, they have a way of looking at the situation objectively and making sense of the bigger picture and what needs to be focused on. Compassion, patience and love. 


Thank you again both so much! Have a happy Friday and keep staying safe! :)



Reach out to Michael today to schedule an appointment!  614-400-5835 or evolutionaryenergyarts@gmail.com
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