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Vedic astrology, called “Jyotish,” means “the science of light.” Vedic science comes from the Vedas, one of the oldest spiritual scriptures of India. It was revealed to the great sages of India around 1,500-2,000 BCE. The great sage Maharishi Parashara was the most influential; his Brihat Hora Sastra is still the most referenced text, and has many translations. There were eighteen great sages, but the most popular today and the principles outlined in this book are primarily from Parashara.

Astrology is one of the limbs of the Vedas. It is referred to as the eyes of the Vedas, because it gives us the ability to see into our lives with more clarity. Vedic science is the science of self-knowledge. Through self-realization everything is known. This gives us the realization of the Divine Spirit within all things, and our connection and unity to Spirit. The process of self-realization brings us to enlightenment. This was the purpose intended by the great sages of Vedic astrology.

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